Friday, May 21, 2004


Just a short one:

Over the past two days I have met a grand total of three people with missing digits on one hand.

1. cableguy. Missing 4 fingers on right hand.
2. lawnguy. Missing index finger on right hand.
3. Conveniencestorechick. Missing index finger on right hand.

Is this an omen of things to come? Will god punish me for hyper-masturbation? Will Rosy lose one of her delicious sisters? How will I explain that to strangers? Will children run from me screaming that I am a hideous monster?

I know no answers to these things. The future, alas, is an opaque bitch from which there is no hiding.

Maybe I will meet a girl with a rat-trap snatch and walk away in eight-fingered happiness.


1 comment:

  1. The amazing thing about your post is that you met a woman with missing digits! This must mean that home improvement shows have gone too far and women are now losing limbs due to reckless use of powertools (just like the jacklegs with a need for spackle in their cracks!).Or maybe she met your Rat Trap Snatch first!
    Eight fingered happiness?Does that mean you go straight for the 357 instead of warming her up with a 22?At least you still have your tongue!Hello? Hello? What did you say? "Ahhrrgghhhhh"
    Over and Out