Saturday, May 22, 2004

Here's where the shit hits the fan.

Headline from MSNBC: Ban the Klan? Professor has court strategy

Yeah, I too would like to see the group abolished. But, not like this. The Professors plan is to label them as a terrorist group to keep them out of the school.

Will I be labeled a terrorist group if I don't like one-armed militant Hispanics? Speak up my little peeps! Come on and kick down my door. I dare ya. It's time to abolish another terrorist group that I (and you) are thinking of. The nepotistic (otherwise known as the Republican Party. This bullshit is being fed to you and me one spoonful at a time. Most of us are buying it too.

A good friend of mine is actually a hard Republican from Blount County TN. What am I to do with him. Here's what I did do.

Day One:

Me: Just name one good thing that the idiot in office has done?

Him: Uhhhhhh. Uhhhhh. Iraq?

Me: BZZZZZZZZZZ!! Wrong! Please keep in the game. One thing, that's all I ask.

Him: Well Clinton didn't do anything good.

Me: Hey, stick to the question. Just name one thing. One Freaking thing!! That's all I ask.

Him. Can't.

Day Two:
Me: So you like your idiot in office?

Him: Yes.

Me: Let me ask you a question. Since when did we need a free speech zone?

Him: A what?

That's the point. With the new free-speech zone in place the "followers" don't even know what's being done to them. So, if you see a Republican walking around, do them a favor. Slap them, hit them, bite them, scrotal crunch them, do anything painful. It will be a lot more forgiving than their futures.

Signing Off,

Keep cool my little Peeps...


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  1. Hail to thee oh wise and ever vigilant Snarky,
    Once again you smack the nail on the head with your sledgo-matic dragonball chi.
    Damn right you don’t take away the Klan’s right to speak .The last thing you want is for them to lurk in the shadows stalking their nasty hobbitsessss .Keep the Golems in the light where you can see the filth of ignorance and smell the stench of treachery.
    "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
    - Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
    This has been another broadcast of Radio free America.
    Thank you and good night