Thursday, May 27, 2004

Old Timers, your time has come.

Embrace the new.

Yeah, sure we've all heard about the good ole' days. They didn't exist. Infant mortality was over 50%. Wars, famine, depression, outhouses, McCarthy, ducktails...need I go on?

Here's the rub, bub. Every now and then I run into one of the old timers that absolutely refuse to try something new. They've been doing what they're doing for the last (enter number here) years. Not only that, but it's the way their Father/Granfather/Daffy Duck/ (enter relation here) taught them.

Specifics: I was contracted (forced) to install a floor for the company that I work for. Even though I only signed up to teach and train. The ramrod for the job, who will remain anonymous M**A**R**K S**T**R**A**W**B**R**I**D**G**E, is an old timer who has been installing floors for 15+ years. Oh, boy!

The problem is that old timer took a lot of shortcuts to get the job done. It ends up looking like crap. I mean these are the guys that would soak everything in Kerosene while smoking a cigarette.

I say rise up and banish anyone over 50 that can't prove that they are willing to learn new ways and new technology. They are hindering our future. And let's face it. It's their fault that are world is polluted and fucked up. The last generation had an inablility to look in future at least 20 years and see the consequences. Can we send them to Australia? I hear Africa has a shortage of the elderly. Maybe Russia needs them? If you have a good idea let me know.

Speak up my little peeps!


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