Thursday, January 27, 2005

A seconds chance

1. My friend Les has been feeling down. He Comes to join our BNO (Boy's Night Out).
2. BNO happens very Thursday. Stop on by if you get a chance.
3. We like home-made dart guns.
4. We sometimes shoot them inside.
5. My friends love me.
6. Les drinks sometimes.

As I was standing in the middle of the dining room talking to Jason as home-made dart goes whizzing by my head. Now these things travel pretty fast and will definitely injure someone. This one particular dart happened to come too close to my eyes for my comfort rating...which is a 5.6 if you must know.

I grabbed the dart out of the paneled wall in the dining room and threw it back at Les (the alleged culprit). The dart landed in between his legs sticking out of the couch. Apparently Les did not enjoy the possible circumsiscion by dart. Why he would care, I don't know. At this point I would believe that we are "even" or at least close to it, because I would seriously trade one nut for one eye. So I continue to talk to my other friend Jason.

Then the pain. The crazy motherfucker shot me in the thigh with the same freaking dart. "Sonofabitch!" I yelled, and pulled the dart out of my leg.

Now the second in motion...
Grab Bow
Grab arrow
Knock arrow
Aim at Les (who is moving quite quickly out of the front door)
Aim at his shoulder
too close
Aim at his ass
Don't want to kill Les
Aim at wall next to Les
Don't own house
Don't care
Too many people still in room.
Take breath
Start to release
Hear howl.
Un-knock arrow.

While I was getting my bow and arrow knocked to kill Senor Spencer, my friend Jason had already had a dart loaded in his blowgun and shot Les in the back of the knee on his way out of the door. Avenging me as it were. Thank you Jason!!

Friends are fun.

Damn bastards!!

Signing Out

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  1. Anonymous2/3/05 19:13

    Damn that was a fun night! But I seem to remember more yelling.