Tuesday, February 22, 2005

They stole mah baby!...Fellini's Pt. Deu

Once again I am down at the usual shopping hole K-Roger's. Once again it is after midnight. Once again I am out of sweet tea (Mayfield's) and pudding (Kozy Shack). Once again the X-Files theme song is playing.

The lady in front of me is fat, obese la-arge. She is of course buying the worst food imaginable. Worse than tea and pudding. Beer, chips, frozen meals, twinkies (sounds like a pun), and a whole bag of Hersheys.

As I near the register, getting ever too close to the gravity well that is this woman's ass, I notice something is awry in the conversation between the woman and the clerk. The clerk is talking about having a baby two days before at St. Mary's Hospital. Q1...2 days ago? Q2...2 days ago?...

"and I'm going to sue all of dem bastards up there"..."they stole my baby"..."I went up there and trusted them an' look what they did." The story rambles on about how they told her the baby was stillborn and then took it out of the room.

This woman didn't weigh anywhere over 102 pounds.
I had seen her there previously.
It's usually the shoppers who are nuts
It must wear off on workers too.

When it is Finally my turn I nod and listen in mock bereavemment, then ask for my smokes. Damn it sucks to be me


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