Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fellini Car

B and I just got back from the Blockbuster. When we pulled into the parking lot at the BB we noticed some poor guy sitting in the middle of the entrance with a car all broked downed. We pulled over and asked if he needed help.

“Yeah sure, my battery is broke.”

“Do you have cables?”

“Yes, I have cables in the back of the car.”

This guy was in his mid 60’s and spoke with a Arabic accent. B and I got out and looked at the car. It was a Chevy Corsica, black mid 80’s model. We could find the battery at first. Then I noticed a terminal poking from under the windshield wiper reservoir (say that fast). I decided it may take some time so decided that we should push the car into a parking spot. 3 tries later we were there. Guy couldn’t steer very well. No Geometry.

Upon further inspection I noticed that the serpentine belt was shredded. Ouch. No jumping this car off. He called a wrecker.

My question is: What numb-nut engineer put a battery under the reservoir. You would have to take 7 screws off to jump the damn thing off. If that guy is still working in the automotive industry, he needs to be fired. That would be like putting a vagina behind the spleen.


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