Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Going Home

I wanted to go ahead and post this on my page. Paul will be heading back to California this week. Sadly he won't be coming back in the same form that we knew him. So, if you see a pit bull, smile, it may be him.



Paul Sanders was a brother to me and many other family, students, law enforcement officers and friends. He inspired many people to become more than they were. That was his gift to us, and let us not forget that. Let us hold onto to that with ferocity.


There was a time that some of us were lost and wandering. Paul brought us home and told us that we did indeed have a family. There was a time when many of us were unsure. Paul came to us and said, I have been here before, forge ahead little brother. Let us remember the face of our brother.


There was a time when we all said, Paul I don’t get it or I can’t do it. Paul showed us what he went through to achieve. There was a time when we felt the overwhelming pressure to become better warriors and humans. Paul was there to guide us down our own paths. Let us remember the works of our brother.


There was a time when we didn’t feel well or we didn’t have that extra push. Paul was there with his light-hearted soul. There was a time when our moods were foul or our minds were full or worries. Paul was there with a brother’s gesture and a kind word. Let us remember the energy of our brother.


For those of you that didn’t know Paul well, cry for those that have lost him. For the ones that did know Paul, cry for the people who never did. If I had to describe Paul to someone who had never had the fortune of being in his presence it is this: A Pit bull of pure sun light.


We all lost a brother, friend and guide; but if we keep him in our minds then he will always be with us.


Paul, we miss you.


Signing Out

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