Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pain in the Ass

There are some majorly uncouth people out there. Unfortunately I know them.


So I’m in the back yard with B, teaching him how to mow grass. Nothing huge, just a major pivotal point in a young man’s life. He’s learning how to turn a buck. Plus, I actually had plans for this morning. Then the next thing I know, his friend is being dropped off by his parents. They never get out of the car or ask me if it’s okay. They don’t call in advance. They just show up. Like clockwork, every two weeks another kid is dropped off. I’m the parent of two now. I didn’t even get the pleasure of fucking the kid into existence.


What should I do? Speak up. I’m sure it will be along the lines of learning to say no.


BTW I have pics of the boy’s first mow. On the way. Soon. One day.


Signing out,


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  1. Update:
    I dropped the kid off at his house and went in with the intention of chewing his parents out. They must have saw it coming. They were uber-nice to me when I came in. Practically hugs and shit. Disarmed me from the get go.
    Maybe they read the blog.

    Signing Out