Sunday, June 05, 2005

That hurts my privates.

“That hurts my privates when my daddy does that.”


Makes you stop and wonder what the hell is going on for a few minutes don’t it.


B and a friend of his were riding in the back of my car yesterday, when his friend came up with that gem of a quote.


He was talking about driving fast over a hill and bottoming out. He wanted to know why it hurt.


So here I am explaining a) Gravity and G-forces and b) inertia and momentum, when dealing with the tallywacker and nuts, twig and figs, cock and balls, penis and testes, general and two colonels, meat and potatoes, salami and meatballs, wee wee and yongos (made that one up), mommy and daddy button, babymakers, schlong and no nos…etc. Which one did I choose? Dollar goes to the first to guess in the comments.


How fun.




Signing out,



  1. penis and testes -

    When can I get my dollar? :)

  2. Nope, no winners yet. LOL

    Keep trying.

  3. Anonymous5/6/05 22:23

    Hey Snarky,
    Its a crazy whack a mole world here in your blog-a-sphere.But since I'm along for the ride. Put me down for the blue collar meat and potatoes. Yongos!!(how would you begin to pronounce that?)