Sunday, June 05, 2005

They just don't get it.

I over heard a conversation the other day that has been grating my nerves for some time. I paraphrase:


and they just finished that new chapel at <fill in blank here>. They just do baptisms there. I don’t think they even do weddings…They are so busy. Too busy for weddings…I’m going to take <fill in blank here> there to get baptized. It’s sooooo beautiful.”


This comes from the wife of someone I care for dearly and sometimes even worry about his mortal soul. Do you see? It saddens me.


Baptism is for cleansing. It is all about submission. “I submit to you oh lord. Wash away my past and help me walk in your footsteps.” It’s the same with washing of the feet. Submission. John the Baptist baptized Jesus from a spring at the mouth of a cave. No Cathedrals. No beauty, no pageantry. It was nature. Clean.


Church isn’t a social order. Is it? Correct me here if I’m wrong.


I asked another friend why all churches had sports arenas, family centers, etc. “It’s to attract the younger people.”


Rope a dope.


That shiny silver gets someone into church for the wrong reason. They will never ever ever find god in a basketball. Is submitting yourself to a higher power all about intent and practice? What is the intent? How do they practice? If there truly is a Satan, isn’t that the perfect plan. Isn’t that the lie of lies?


Sadly most religions are like this, but I will pick on the southern Baptists. I disdain most of the narrow minded bastards anyway. Ask any one of them if they know a plumber…lawyer…brain surgeon. What is their answer? I go to church with one. Why do they know that?


Networking. It’s all about the sales, man. Didn’t Jesus speak clearly on that fact?


No one in church should know what you do. No one on the outside should know about your church habits either. That’s not spreading the word. That’s networking. It’s all about the sales.


“Well at least I go to church.”


I really don’t see that as much of a positive. Read the book at home with your family. Go to a friend’s house and have a good conversation about it. But please don’t try to sell god. I have a feeling he’s not going to be cool with that. Don’t use god to sell more cars. Bad boy!!


Isn’t blasphemy speaking god’s name when you don’t really speak for him? It is not just saying the word “god” in any configuration. It’s posing as a follower or even worse as one of his leaders.


Does god like the sheep or the wolf?


There are no shepards anymore. This too, saddens me.


If you meet one let me know.


Signing out






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