Sunday, June 19, 2005


B and I got up early yesterday and left town. We didn’t go too far. Gatlinburg to be exact.

My personal psychosis doesn’t like to go more than 3 miles from my house sometimes and it definitely doesn’t like traffic. But once we got on the road we had a great time. We stopped at Smoky Mountain Knifeworks and bought a few things:

Cold Steel Kukri Machete-$16

Junglee Bolo - $85

Wooden Practice Jem Blade - $12

Balisong - $15

Marble Egg - $1


I was feeling really brave, so we ventured further into the mouth of hell and went to Ripley’s Aquarium. I love that place. The sharks and rays (skates) are my favorite. My pics didn’t come out so good. But hey what can ya do? We ate at the aquarium and then finished up the tour. Then we ventured out to the strip in Gatlinburg proper. We had a good time window shopping and even stopping in at the China Bazaar. Where we bought:

Pair of Sai – $17

Balisong with an inverted krypton sheath - $17

Practice Knife - $4

SwitchBlade Comb - $3


We walked around some more then decided to go up to Sugarland Visitors center and drive in the Smokies. Good times! Then we headed hoem with a stop into fantasy golf for a few rounds of “get in the clowns mouth!” It started to rain with droplets as big as a quarter. We got a rain check for rain. How weird. We came home and ate and went to bed.

Awesome day to be had by all. Well, at least me and B. The rest of the pics are here.


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