Monday, June 06, 2005

When it rains

I was parked (correctly) at the blockbuster during the deluge today. Man it was raining hard! What a storm! Anyway, Some guy backed into the ole’ vehicle and banged the front quarter panel pretty hard. It’s toast. A plunger won’t fix it. Passenger side mirror is somewhere in Texas by now. Re-entry is such a bitch.


We exchanged information and I consoled the guy. He was grief stricken. I’m sure I will never see a dime. I should have called Senor’ Policia. But it was raining so hard and I was cold. It’s just a car. I keep telling myself that.


And… unfortunately these Isuzus don’t have many available parts. It will be a bear getting the car fixed. I hate being nice.


I wish J was up and moving about.


Signing Out,


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  1. Anonymous6/6/05 19:24

    Sorry to hear about the zuzu.Why cars arent made with total wrap around bumpers and or bumpers with shock absorbers is beyond me.