Saturday, July 09, 2005

Damn Small

Someone gave B an older laptop that I have been meaning to fix up and get
some more ram for. Well who wants to spend $40 dollars on an old Dell? Not
me. It's a good little laptop for him to start out on and he costs me enough
as it is. A few years ago when I worked at CL with JE and LS I played around
with Linux (Redhat Distro) and enjoyed fiddling with it. So I went looking
for different versions that I could install on this older laptop. It needed
to meet several criteria for B's usage.
1. It needed a GUI.
2. It needed to be a small install.
3. It needed to run laptop hardware.
4. It needed to support the network settings.
So I tried some LiveCD's which run on the actual CD all the time, just like
the beginning of PC's. Those were cool but a little slow since the CD had to
spin up. Then I asked for advice (yeah I know, don't even say it) on Fark.
Some people pointed me in the right direction. I found DSL (Damn Small
Linux) which will run on a CD at 50 Mb or install on a harddrive at 120 MB.
It's damn cool. Has a nice little GUI and comes with Firefox, games, doc
editors, utilities etc.
He should be happy with it, plus he can learn a new OS
I'm going to load it on a bunch of older PC's I have. Does anyone have a
older Mac I can play with?

Signing out,

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  1. Yeah I have an old quadra you can have.check out the extreme sports link on my site.