Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm confused

So,  I read an article on from Fark about a lawsuit involving a youth nudist camp here. Apparently I was surprised that something existed and the article said that it was the first in Virginia and the third in the US. Weird. Who would send their kids to that? Then I looked up the other camps by googling “youth nudist camps” Holy Shiat!! They have pics and videos. Tres weird!

Isn’t that illegal? Who’s hosting these things? Don’t they know that pervs everywhere are targeting the kids on the website? It should be illegal.

I don’t have a problem with the camps at all and if I were a nudist I would send my kids to one if they wanted to go after I let everyone know that heads would actually roll if anything untoward happened. Roll. Barong Time.

But I do have some questions…

1. Where do they keep their knives?

2. Why do they allow outside photography?

3. Can you walk around if you are “excited?”

4. Are all of the girls on birth control?

5. Last, but not least…Where do they keep their knives? (I’m serious, it’s wigging me out!)


I announce next BNO will be nudist night! No kids or pets. I hate nekkid animals.


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  1. Man ,That is just wrong.On the one hand the camp was having trouble getting a parent to go to camp naked with their naked child.But on the other hand there were a majority of parents willing to send their naked kids to naked camp supervised by I'm assuming naked counselers.And I'm further astounded by the age of the campers 11-17."What the Fuck"
    As far as the issue of carry knives. I would carry one around my neck . I dont think nudists count jewelry as clothing.

    Thanks again for bring up images better left alone
    Hail Snarky!