Saturday, July 23, 2005

It's Official

As of Friday afternoon, I am now jobless. I was laid off due to the company going out of business. If you keep up with the blog then you will know that at least 2 customers are suing, one criminal and one civil. Sweet. I call it comeuppance.

You may ask why I was working there. You may ask if I regret working there. The answer is: It has promise and really good people to work with. Unfortunately the president of the company was a tad tyrannical and dishonest to boot. As a leader he committed the most grievous of all sins. He didn’t listen to his advisors. Oh well, I tried.

So I will be hitting the streets and looking for something closer with benefits. Keep me posted should you know of anything. Until then, I am available for dinner at your houseJ


Signing out,



1 comment:

  1. Anonymous24/7/05 16:59

    Incredibly happy
    you are out of there. I highly recommend the peace of mind.

    Very sad
    that you are unemployed, although I do recommend taking as much regeneration time as you can afford.

    that I was there to help you find a better job.

    that you are always welcome to come (very long drive though)to our house (when we get one!) for dinner.

    me know if I need to send Cheetos.