Sunday, July 24, 2005


Today has been a very strange day for me. I have been alone for the whole day and my mind’s eye has spotted something. What is it that I want to do in life? What calls to me? Several things come to mind, teaching, helping others and vindicating the truth. That’s a plateful to be sure. There are a few goals that I have in mind before I die. Please don’t laugh.

  1. Proof my doctorate on the egg vs. the chicken quandary. The egg by the way. Invite me to dinner and I will tell you why.
  2. Prove that C (speed of light) is not constant.
  3. Father a couple more uber-children.
  4. Marry science and religion.
  5. Go scuba diving.
  6. Solve the Grand Unification Theory.

I will not accomplish anything greater than number five. But if I were to achieve my dreams then I would be the saddest man in the universe. Here’s what I have been thinking of today. What would I do if I had an audience? Say, an audience that is looking for truth and in their lives? I would help them understand that God (insert deity here) is really in the science. It is the breadcrumbs that we were left to find peace. Darwin does not argue with religion, contrary to southern baptist thinking. The world is round. Light is both particle and wave. It has to be. These are the rules that the universe is founded on. Created or just happened.

Could I make a living visiting religious organizations and explaining these truths to them? Or would I be run out of town on a pole? What would my first step include?

Advice is always welcome.


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