Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Okay guys, I have a few minutes to sit down and write a note to you. First of all I am staying here . It's pretty nice. The condos go for $3300 a week. This is not the norm for the Red Cross but we happened to get here at the right time.
I work during the day at a processing facility that basically is the only working one in Miss, Ala, La and Fla. The other ones are either closed now or are run incompetently. People come from all 4 states to get processed here. It's sad. I have a ton of stories.
We may be here til the end of the week. Form there i do not know where they will send us. The hurricane Rita did some damage to the keys and will landfall again in Tx soon. I may head into that area soon. Plus if there are ocean swells again then the temporary levees in NO will fail again.
I ended up with a good group of like minded individuals and have had a good time during our down time. When I met them i wasn't sure what to think. I was with a kid, a red-neck, a tripped out acid ICP fan and a housewife. I have to say I judged too soon. We have shared some good times and bad times together.
Thanks to Jason, Jamie and Les for hopefully taking care of the home front while I am away. Keep an eye on B for me.

Signing out,

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