Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's Official

I am the new Operations Manager of the Knoxville Red Cross First Baptist Shelter. I still don’t get paid, though.


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  1. Anonymous5/9/05 10:11

    I've been triying to be patient at work waiting to see what they might do for LA. We have two Aztec twin engine aircraft and at least three boats of various sizes for use in aour surveying buisiness. But there seams to be no deed to tell us lowly employees what they might or might not do with their moderately vast resources. I have asked questions only to be side stepped or ignored. I my self have few resources and a rather tight responsibility schedule, but if my 17 foot aluminum canoe or 4X8 990lb utility trailer could be of use, or if I can find a way to convince my company to do something heroic with their currently-not-so-busy employees, I'm ready to go.