Sunday, September 04, 2005

more updates

They are getting ready to declare the southeastern United States as a disaster area. The flux of evacuees is so great that the cities that are accepting refugees are getting hit hard.

I went down to the Red Cross central office last night and bullied people around. No one there knew what was going on, who was going to work where or when. I told them I was going to work a shelter locally until they ship me out and asked for directions to the nearest shelter. The place is full of power plays, politics and confusion. While I was there my trainer informed me that they could not log on to the secured red cross disaster recovery website to enter peoples’ applications. Sis boom bah, I jumped on their network fixed a few paths and bam! Knoxville is once again on the network.

I went to the First Baptist Church downtown to work the shelter last night and stayed till 6 am. The shelter manager was an RN that was in my training class on Friday. She did well for a newbie. We were two of the most experienced people there. (2 days).Luckily we ended up with a good crew that wanted to do something. Most of them are waiting to ship out like I am.

I called down to the main office this morning and got the gossip. They are shipping out only those with experience right now. I bitched and moaned a little. Ten minutes later they call me back and ask if I want to be the Shelter Manager here in Knoxville for a while. What? WTF? I told them I would, since it will increase my rating in their system and I will ship faster now. Weird, two days and I’m running the place.


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