Friday, September 16, 2005

More updates

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. You get the point. After the initial wait I was offered the First baptist shelter and agreed to stay on until it's conclusion. Now that is over and they want me to manage the Coliseum here in Knoxville. For some reason the director of the Knoxville chapter of the Red Cross does not want to send people to the gulf coast. I have fought and fought and now will be leaving soon. I am still waiting on the second call that tells me where and for how long etc. Keep patience my friends. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, a friend that I met in the shelter and I will travel down there on our own resources and apply to a shlter down there.
All in all I have enjoyed working with the Red Cross. I have met some beautiful people (evacuees and volunteers). As most of you know, I don't abide with broken things very well and like to jump in feet first and sometimes foolishly. Hopefully this is a good one though. I will call you all before I take off (time permitting etc. etc. etc.).

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