Friday, September 23, 2005

Morning Ocean

The ocean is whacked. The white cap swells are now 20 yards across and have claimed 20 more feet of beach. We are still doing good and hope to get stuck in the condo:)
Work is going well. I managed to get out of being a pencil pusher for the day yesterday. I have started working with the nurses. I walk the line of 2500+ people and weed out the elderly, infirmed and babies. We have set up a expedited line for them to be processed. I was worried that the other people would be pissed, but they weren't. We even had some ask us to take others. Uplifting.
Jamie wrote me yesterday and said he will be in Destin this weekend with the family. It's an hour or so away. I plan to hook up with him in between if possible.
We had been going to a cyber-cafe to check our emails, but yesterday we stopped in Rent-a-Center and rented a laptop for the condo. It ended up being a lot cheaper as long as the Hurricane doesn't knock out the uplink.
Pictures now coming real soon.

Signing out,

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  1. Anonymous23/9/05 21:15

    Glad to hear you are alive and well, finally got out of East TN, and into some fulfilling work. I'm sure you and B miss each other, but the things you will take back into your relationship from this experience will be phenomenal. At this point in time (8:46 pm 9/23/05) all is well in East TX. Winds have very slightly picked up but they are predicting some pretty wicked stuff for us from Rita in the next 24 hours or so. Power outages because of strong winds and all the big pines (shallow root systems) in this area seems to be the greatest concern for local weather 'sperts. We have prepared our flashlight / water / stuff kit, picked out a "tornado-safe" spot in the house...Then we just wait and see. My biggest worry is the snakes from the local lakes / creeks when the water starts rising. Don't like snakes.

    Keep up the good work, keep that ego in check baby boy, stay in touch, and stay safe.

    PS JT wants to know if there's any good blues music in Pensacola? Oh yeah I almost forgot - I got the job - started on Monday 9/19. Oh wait - one more thing - its a boy - due late January.