Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Update

It's 5:30 am and I've been on duty since 7pm two days ago. I managed
to get 3 hours worth of sleep this morning and a few 30 minutes here
and there. I'm going to take today off and relax with the boys. It's
much needed. This job ain't easy. There are many new volunteers daily
and they all need to be shown the "ropes." I have a good core now and
let them show the new guys around. I haven't found my second in
command yet. I think it might be one woman, but she has trouble
staying all night.
The power plays are over (for now) here. The one nurse burnt out, I
don't personally see how since she slept all night anyway, but that's
another story. I have been informed that this is my shelter and I can
run it like I want (within Red Cross confines of course).
I never have been one for networking and salesmanship. I know I have a
silver tongue sometimes, but I'm usually a little more low key. My
name has become famous with the Knoxville chapter of the Red Cross.
I'm having breakfast in a few hours with the directors and then have
been asked to join the big staff meeting at corporate. Weird. I think
they want to know how my shelter is running ship-shape since they knwo
that we have been in a communications blackout for a while and have
been overlooked compared to the other shelters. I've been going to the
corporate office ervy day to beg, pitch a fit or cry for what I
needed. Someone took notice and now I don't have to fight as much.
They also strapped my very own personal cell phone to my hip. I can
never take it off. I nominated a day time shelter manager earlier
today. It took them 1.5 seconds to make it official and they have
never met the guy. My word has turned into gold. Sweet!!
Maybe I have found a career. I do like this job. More so because it is
volunteer work. There are many problems to solve and I now seem to
have no trouble getting people to follow my lead. I have to say that
even with all the bruises this has been the most fulfilling thing that
I have ever done.
I have to go check on my evacuees now.

Signing out,

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