Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Update

Sorry that it has taken me a couple of days to post. Been hectic
I closed down my shelter yesterday and moved over to the coliseum to be a manager there. I miss my shelter. "It is far better to rule in hell than serve in heaven."--Milton (I believe). I will run things at the coliseum up until the point that I receive the call that I am going to the gulf coast. I am promised that it will come in the next day or so. There was a big political battle in Knoxville over that fact. I started it:) I was told that we wouldn't send anyone until all of our shelters here were closed. That answer seemed a little bit binary to me and it also smelled of someone trying to cover their ass. Once again I started a stink and got release to ship a bunch of people down there.
I will be gone for 3 weeks or so. It depends on what they need. When I get back we can have a big dinner and I will tell you some stories. Take care while I am gone.

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