Sunday, September 25, 2005

No party

It's Sunday morning and I have been up since 6am. We were planning on staying up late last night and partying, but alas it didn't happen. We were wiped. We did manage to have a large breakfast for dinner and that sat pretty heavily on our stomachs. Candice, who is the domestic engineer of our group, is a pretty good cook. She seems to enjoy cooking for 6 guys and we don't stop her. Luckily, she gets paid in return in many ways. 
Work has become increasingly harder in many ways. I enjoy working with the nurses and it has allowed me some freedom to help more people out, rather than pushing a pencil. I have gotten more one on one time with a lot of people. There isn't a baby I don't like either. My job really now consists of making sure 2500+ people get water and a snack while they wait in line for 5 hours. They can become upset easily. I walk the line and check on them all to my best ability. If they seem to be in too bad of shape and I think that standing in line will be a detriment to their bodies, souls or minds then I pull them out.  It's insane, but people are so desperate that they bring babies (even newborns), come if they are sick or show up with their whole family. I do enjoy what I am doing, but it is a real drain on my body and mind. There are some people that will be burned in my mind's eye forever. There is one little fat curly headed baby that I will never forget. He reminded me of B so much. He had gotten overheated and cranky. You could feel the heat off of his skin. I pulled him and his mother out of line and stripped him down to his diaper so that the wind would cool off his skin. He screamed for a good 10 minutes. Poor guy. Never forget.
I will go watch the sunrise on the beach now and contemplate the deepness of the dollar menu at Mickey D's.

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  1. Anonymous25/9/05 08:36

    Hey, P. Found your blog and really have enjoyed reading it. It makes me proud of the person you've grown into from those days so long ago. I'll call you soon.