Friday, September 02, 2005


Before I leave I wanted to thanks all of you that are helping out in helpful ways that you can’t imagine. It means a lot to me. Some have donated money, supplies, time or caring. It’s all in the bank with me.

I still don’t know my itinerary. It’s a “hurry up and wait” session. It’s killing me watching CNN and seeing all of the people waiting down there. I’m not there yet due to paperwork. Insane!

Steve and Dana just left. They came over to sit with me a bit. It was needed. Even though I am totally pumped and ready to get moving, I’m also totally terrified of the coming months. I’m not scared of what’s going to happen. I know what’s going to happen. HELL will happen. The fear comes from change. No matter what, my life will be pre-disaster and post disaster. This will be the greatest change, the greatest undertaking of my life. My mom thinks I’m cavalier about what I’m doing. I’m not. Once you understand that there is nothing that you can change, nothing that you can do, worrying is a waste of energy.

I will post again (hopefully) before I leave. I also hope to call each and every one of you before I leave too. You guys, gals (hell, let’s just call you family. You are.) will be sorely missed. Send happy thoughts my way. I will feel them for sure.

Sorry for the scattered writing style. My mind and spirit are north and south.

Signing out,



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  1. Snarky,

    Kick ass, take some names and help our fellow Americans. You are doing an incredible thing. Tell Lt. Russell Honore TENNESSEE says Godspeed!

    We love ya - - Peace out
    MC & GC