Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Usual Kind of Thing

I thought I would take a break from what I have been doing and tell you a story about the good ole' boys at MIT
On the usual tone...there is some majorly wicked bizarre shit going on down here, but I can't legally say anything until the investigation is over.

Signing out,


  1. Anonymous29/9/05 15:22

    Call with update tonight!

  2. Hey man,
    We are back in K-burg.It was great to see you and the Red Cross crew in Pensacola.Lunch was a blast at the Flounder.That Chowder and beer boiled Shrimp rocked!
    As far as the guy drowning goes. We were there when it happened. We had just left the Beach there in Destin.When one then another chopper came flying overhead. There where Firefighters and Local Law Enforcement all over the place. My only point of contention was that the paper said that there were red flags out. We saw none until later that evening.Feel very sorry for the guy and his family. But the guy should have known better flags or not.The waves were fierce that day.I didnt get any deeper than my knees and was getting pulled out a couple feet at a time. I hung it up when I saw big pieces of debris hiding in the surf. They didnt mention it in the paper but he might of gotten hit as well. But the undertow was definately enough to do it. We had some great days on the beach overall but Thursday the red tide was punishing. Everyone in Destin was coughing when the winds came off the gulf .
    Keep up the good fight. Keep your surfing to those big sand dunes.Enjoy your nighttime oasis in that war zone .You deserve it.
    Signing off,