Monday, September 26, 2005

Wet Day

It was already storming when we got into work today. Dale, Bradley and I worked the line again outside. We chose not to wear any rain gear since the people in the line most likely didn't have a choice. We started with pulling all of the babies out of the line. Man it was wet. After an hour the parking lot had 6 inches of water in it and some parts of the line came up to my waist with water. These poor people came in with 3 week old babies sometimes. Poor kids. Broke my heart. Around 1:30 the rain finally stopped and we came home to change clothes and go back. Once we returned there was a tornado warning, so we had to get everyone inside the building!! Crazy. Someone also reported to the local police that it was a terrorist warning instead of a tornado warning. You should have seen them run. It made their day!!
I miss you all and will return safely soon.
Signing out,


  1. Anonymous27/9/05 10:30

    I am glad things are going ok, I had not heard from you and when I knew Rita was going to hit more east then first expected I GOT WORRIED. I am sure this is or has been a life changing experience for you as well as the group you are with, you all are in my prayers! As an ex-surfer i probably would have passed on the bodyboarding mission, I know all to well how stong the rip tides and under tows can be in these safe man. I talked to Jason yesterday to see if he had heard from you, he said he had and reminded me of the blog...duh. I should of thought of that, I wonder what I will be like when I start taking more hits to the head and can't think for self. Sally might say what has changed? Hey just wanted to touch base with you and tell you be safe, I wish i were there to help also.

    Over and Out,


  2. Doing good work Snarky. Everyone is proud of you for sure. Sorry I have not had time to call but you know what I'm going through right now. This blog is a blessing for sure. Good pics btw. What's up with that chair out in the middle of nowhere?

    Leave it to you to go surfing in the aftermath of a huge storm. Perhaps go roller blading next time or something a little more inland okay?

    Look forward to seeing you back home when the time is right.


  3. Snarky,
    Check out

    You are a star again. We left you message on the voice mail at the Portofino.

    We miss ya and check your blog every day. Good work - - a big old deposit on the Karma credit card!

    MC & GC