Sunday, October 02, 2005


We had a party last night like I haven't seen since I was a lot younger. The liquor flowed my dear friends. It was pretty fun and luckily I was 1) at my own place and 2) sober enough to watch all the drunken moneys make funny things happen. There was a cat fight, people sleeping in their cars and crying women. What a blast!!
I still can't go into details about the investigation. Damn confidentiality clauses. I am fine and everyone save one in my group is okay. No one was hurt physically, but my hand. Damn sense of morals.
I heard a rumor that we will be shipping out to come home sooner than expected. I will keep you guys posted as I learn more news.
The women down here are a little, shall we say, looser than I am used to in K-town. It must be the freedom of being away from home. I will tell you more stories as I see them.
Take care and peace out!

Signing out,

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