Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Theory by J

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Masturbation is homosexual. I thought about it and I cannot refute it. It's definitely worth pondering over. Stop giggling like a school-girl and think about the many years of suppression and why it has been suppressed. When you do the deed what gender of person is doing the deed? 99.9% of the time it is the same gender. We'll leave the .1% for hermaphaditic beings and the like. Is this why the relisgious leaders have always condemned masturbation? I don't know yet, but will be searching for an answer. I will start with the writings of a crackpot named William Kellogg (yes, the one and the same). He wanted to have any males caught masturbating to be punished by removing the hands or offending members.
Should this be a concern? Does it mean you are now homosexual? No and yes. :)
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  1. gotta HAND it to ya snark.. you are a twisted fella... and a WHACK JOB to boot,.. yuck yuck ..... .peace, mc