Monday, October 03, 2005

West Nile

Bradly and I went fishing agin tonight. When we first got to the bay we got tagged by mosquitoes a couple of times. Once we got out into the water they would leave us alone. That lasted for about 45 minutes tonight. We were freaking attacked like I have never seen. In the space of about 2 minutes I had sustained roughly 30 bites. We tried to grab our gear and run for safety. That didn't last long. They followed. Finally Bradly and I jumped headlong into the water up to our shoulders, leaving everything on the shore. We managed to wade down a little ways and ran the rest of the way to the pier. Someone gave us a buttload of spray and wipes and we went to get our gear. It didn't help much. We were attacked again. Finally we made it home with our gear and about 100 bites each. For a secoond or two I was a little scared.
Things are winding down here and it looks like Wednesday will be our last day. We may ship out on Thursday or Friday.

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