Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I haven't had time nor inclination to post anything in a while. Here I go.
Blaine had an invite to go flying in a plane last Saturday and a school carnival. Kid keeps a busier schedule than I do. The plane trip got cancelled at the last moment but he had a good time at the carnival.
Halloween was a total bust. Blaine was whiney, bitchy and decided to scream at me for the first time. Teenage years passed in front of my eyes. His mom warned me that he acted differently when he was with his friend Nathan. Ughh. I must have looked like a deer in the ole headlights. I almost decided for an abortion, but figured it was too late for that (legally). Luckily I kept my cool and didn't smack the shit out of him. Believe me I wanted to. After I calmed down I realized that one of my fears may not come true. I worry sometimes that I crush him and his individuality. I would rather have one that bites back every now and then as opposed to never or too often.
The job search is sucking. Casey wants me to drive for his company. They basically route paperwork to banks and then to an airplane on the way to the Fed's. Last resort kind of thing.
BTW- there are many cowards who failed to leave a good masturbation comment. You know who you are.


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  1. Anonymous3/11/05 01:02

    Meh, masturbating is asexual. End of discussion. BTW, How well do you know AutoCAD or Visio? I may have a lead for you.