Thursday, December 29, 2005

All you need is

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist" --Charles Baudelaire
The holy dyad was created by man. It fell into suit with what they already believed. Hot vs. Cold, Light vs. Dark, Hard vs. Soft, Yin vs. Yang, Love vs. Fear and so on. Do we know now that none of these dyads exist?
We know that dark is only the absence of light. That does not mean that dark exists. We know that cold is only the absence of heat. You can't measure cold. It can't be done. You can only measure the absence of heat. You can measure that absence down to what we now call 0 degrees Kelvin. That measurement will change in the future, but it will still be a measurement of heat. 0 degrees Kelvin is the so-called point at which there is no molecular or atomic movement in the particles of matter. This is how we measure heat. How fast are the particles moving? We do not measure cold. Keep that in mind this winter.
Whether or not you believe in a creator, these are the rules. The most basic principles in our world come in singular form. If you picture the universe and all of it's information as a ladder. The further you go up the ladder the more convaluted it becomes, like dimensions. The first rung contains Singularities that work behind the scenes of the universe. Light, heat, gravity. The next rung contains dyads +/-, man/woman, here and there and so on. The next rung contains triads, father/son/holy ghost, proton/neutron/electron, yada yada yada. This ladder could go on until infinity (which doesn't exist...later conversation), until you get to snowflakes whcih we assume are all different yet the same in perfection. (BTW, sorry for the 2 dimensional example of the universe.)
But why did we change the basics early on to start with dyads? Was it because we knew of no singularities in our world? Was there no visible example to compare? Since I opine, I will opine away and say yes. We were barely out of the stage of worshiping sun gods when the major religions of today were created. How could we not think in a particular way? If everything that we knew existed in polarities, would our view of god be any different? Doubtful.
If god is love...John 4:8 "He that loves not has not known God; for God is love"...and love exists but not it's opposite in the dyad. Then can we assume that the devil (fear) does not exist? Probably.
So, what's the point? Why snark on this topic today? Simple. I wanted to socratically and sophmorically prove a Beatles song. Is love all we need? Is there nothing that you can do that can't be done? Is there nothing you can sing that can't be sung? Yes, then no and no again. If we can prove that fear, the opposite of love (not hate), does not exist, then we can accomplish anything.
Follow this written out program...

@echo off
<if> Fear does not exist
<then> Love is all you have
<so> Love is all you need
goto EOF

and I geek on.

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