Friday, December 09, 2005


This has bothered me for a few weeks now, so I'll get it off of my chest...
I asked someone how Paul's boys were doing and got a negative response as to why they don't know. From what I see and hear it is a consensus viewpoint too. Some of our anger towards Tamara has limited and paralyzed us into not checking up on the boys like we said we would.
Who is more important? Paul? Marcellus and Nate? or hatred of Tamara? You tell me if I'm wrong.
What happened between Tamara and Paul was part of their relationship and not ours. It is not acceptance to say that these things happen; It is the truth and many couples go through this. Unfortunately, Paul made his decision and we all have to live through it. It should teach us these things...
Live today, for today and tomorrow.
Learn from our mistakes and move on.
Forgive us our transgressions, we'll make more.
A bond cannot be broken through death or departure.
A promise should not be made lightly in the heat of emotion.
Shame on you and shame on me. Shame
Please pass this on to someone who is involved but doesn't read my blog.

Signing out,

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