Friday, January 20, 2006

A certain friend...

and I get along real well for six non-consecutive months out of the year. The rest of the time is spent in limbo, arguing or a disconnected state. It is by far one of the more difficult states to have a friendship. Sometimes we are friends, brothers, masters, students, enemies, comrades, debators and acquaintances. We usually both have a unnerringly sharp insight into each other, and sometimes it's as dull as a spoon.
I think it sometimes boils down to actions or words that we both say or do that the other one detests and admires in a strange way. I have a way of speaking my mind with no consideration of the audience. And sometimes he has a way of social politic and caste that drives me mad. He also wants to be free willed and speak his mind. I wish to be a great leader like he is. Stupid dichotomy!
It's judgement on both parts. I'm working on becoming less judgemental in my life and it's hard. It has convoluted many of my relationships in life and strained this one. It makes me preconceive. That's dangerous in the hands of anyone. Especially me.

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