Saturday, January 21, 2006


I have dinner with the people I went down to "Katrina" with once a month. This time it was my turn to entertain at my house. Wowser Batman. I have no dishes, maybe 2 plates. What a loser I have become;) So, Wally World saved my ass for 19 bucks. Settings for 8, not a bad deal. I cooked some of the best Beef and Blackbean stew evah. And the best cornbread I have ever had on my first try (added a little sugar!). Success tastes great. people asking for second helpings sounds great too.
It was good to see my new friends that I spent every waking minute with for 2 weeks. Bradley, Candi and Krystian are all doing well. We celebrate with a nice game of Texas Hold'em. The River slew me tonight. Absolutely kicked my ass! Oh, well. I have some left over stew.

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