Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Changes

It's the new year now and everyone goes on about their New Years resolutions. I have none for the new year. It's passage of time. Nothing new in the fact that everything is blinking in and out of quantum existence, but I digress.

Everyone knows that change is inevitable, but painfully so at times. So they resist. Pavlov's dog. I would like to discuss a man. A man that I know. I know him well. And no this isn't on of those "I have a friend" statements. For many years this man has been the same on many facets. The same hair, the same clothes, the same car, the same music, the same loves and hates. He went through a major change in his life about two years ago that very personal and very painful. None of the things I mentioned earlier changed, but his perspective did. Ah, perspective, my old friend. This may be the greatest change that someone can go through. Perspective creates reality.

If perspective changes then your reality changes. Everything you "know' about the world changes in an instant. It's not really a slow change at all. Growing facial hair is slow. Choking chickens can be slow. Bullets are dreadfully slow. Reality literally changes at the speed of light. One synapse is all it takes. The rest is wildfire.

If I took this man captive and shaved his entire body, burned his clothes and then gave him a 2x4 across the temple , it wouldn't be as much a change. Believe me, I have thought about it at times. I love this guy, and his change hurt me too. It was just spray over from a real blast of sulphuric betrayal.

He worked, went insane and worked some more. He battened down the hatches emotionally and let them over-spill. It was quite the roller coaster. He would say things to me that made me want to hurt him and hold him. Then he would turn around and make Buddha kneel at his wisdom. Finally after the passage of time and experience there was a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Healing, trusting and acceptance grew in this man's heart.

Today is a new day. Not unlike yesterday, but different. Today will always be a new day. One that you can never hold, but are in the stewardship of making better than yesterday. Today this man is better than most; he is wiser, smarter and more loving than many. If only change weren't so painful. It's the nature of the universe. It's Entropy. The trump card of the universe.

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