Friday, January 13, 2006

Someone New

I ran into an old friend from HS online thanks to Dana. Weird. How exactly do you run into someone online? Easy. Doink!
Signing out,


  1. Anonymous14/1/06 16:35

    Would love to run into an old friend online. Oh, say, maybe, YOU. Been calling you for a couple of months and can only get your voicemail. Leaving messages, but still no return call. If you really don't want to talk to me I can figure out how to deal with that, but don't do the chicken-shit ignoring thing. At least email me. Tell me off. Whatever. Just don't ignore me. I really don't like that. And I PROMISE I won't ask you to come fix my sink or waterheater or computer or broken window or hair dryer or lawn sprinkler or car or dish washer or door or litter box or cattle guard or flag pole or watch or toilet or lamp or TV or radio or skill saw or oven or blender... well maybe the blender. I do need some margaritas.

  2. If you leave an anonymous comment, then I can't tell who you are. Thus leave the next one with your name. So I can run into you...doink

  3. Anonymous14/1/06 22:00

    Clue #1 - Been leaving voicemail messages for a couple of months and you're not calling back. (Narrow that down many? Are there a bunch of us in that category?)
    Clue #2 - Gets bitchey when she does not get her way. (That probably only narrows it down to EVERY female you know)
    Clue #3 - Is just goofey enough to think she can argue with you. And misses arguing with you enough to volunteer for it.
    Clue #4 - Cattle guard. Really. How many people do you know that live in an area where "cattle guard" would come to mind.
    Clue #5 - Really likes margaritas.

    You know who it is. You have my email address. Don't let me embarrass myself any further by attempting to kick your butt in a public forum.