Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Avery has arrived!

Jamie and Amy gave birth to Avery Lynae Parkey last night at 11:45 P.M. She came out at 7 pounds even and 21 inches. Excellent news. I will stop by to check on the bambino today. You know I have to bestow my blessings and all.
Congrats to Jamie for doing all of the hard work. Amy just did the conceiving. Or was that backwards?

Signing out,

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  1. Anonymous1/2/06 22:17

    Hey Snarky,
    Thanks for the announcement.Avery is waiting to see Uncle Snarky.
    I am convinced God has a squad of M.I.B.that put the flash on women so that they dont remember how bad labor is. This is my third kid and no matter how rough labor is and how loud that they scream never again.A week goes by and all they remember is how beautiful it was and can we have another.But all joking aside. I am a Proud papa and looking forward to to raising my A-team(Amira,Aidyn, and Avery) I love it when a plan comes together!