Thursday, February 23, 2006

Job Interview

Went to an interview today at . I wore my lucky "Beatles-Help" tie. The white one was apparently not working. The job seemed wery wery interesting. It seemed that it was growing fairly fast since they didn't have many computers a few years ago and now they serve 150+ users. Post a comment for good luck. I seem to be in a pool of 3-4 out of 200+ applicants.
Hopefully I end up being the best candidate in their eyes (<--shameless plug). I have the experience needed for sure and I hope I didn't bomb on the interview. I made one hugeongalous mistake that I will talk about later. Maybe I'm forgiven:)
The interview overall was fun and what else can you ask for...a good experience.

Signing out,

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  1. Good Luck! My sweet 96 yr. old grandma is there. It's a nice place and they really do seem to genuinely care.