Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kid Day

We had kid day at the Time Warp Tea House today. Mel came with her brood (Little Pat and Laura), Marie was there with (Hannah and Lilly), Marie's friend Gretchen came with (Josh and Nick) and of course B and I attended. Mel also brought a kid friend Alex. I like teasing that one.
Fun was had by all. Some learned to play pool and are well on their way to being sharps. It was a first time meeting for Laura, Pat (my namesake) and I. Very cool teens.
I ended the festivities at Mel's house with dinner and a little pc work on the kids pc's. Tres cool.
B and I are off to the Blockbuster for some hot movie action. No babysitter for me tonight. Ehhhn, he's my best friend anyway.

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