Monday, February 20, 2006


For many years I believed that I had poisoned myself with my past actions. Also that it was important that I learned from all of these "mistakes" that I had made over the course. This of course also involves that I hold onto everything that I have done in the past, and believe me, I do. I swear I could turn water into individual atoms in my bare hands sometimes.
In the next forty years I plan to learn to let go of all of that. So long, farewell and all of that jazz. It migth just be me, but I think, I might have discovered that the root to all hang-ups is holding on. Call me crazy. So if I see you next time and punch you in the colon, it's because I have let go of all social conventions that say I should not punch you in the colon. :)

Signing out,

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  1. Anonymous22/2/06 19:21

    It's a new show called "My Name is Patrick" . . . ;-)