Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I have not blogged in a while. Here's the newest scoop. Been hanging out with Marie for a couple of weeks. Becoming good friends again. Actually better than we were before. We didn't actually run in the same circles back in HS. Been staying in touch with Mike A a bunch. He and his partner Josh will be inviting us to dinner soon. Be interesting to meet Josh. A lot of Brokeback jokes are flying around.
B is getting along well with Marie's kids (Hannah and Lilly). Lilly more than Hannah since they are in the same age group. Hannah is 13 (nuff said) God bless Marie in her future endeavors; she's going to need it with 2 teenage girls to raise!
My plumbing job ended this week and I am looking for something new to bide my time. A walk across Africa would be cool this time of year.of dinner @ Kanpai. You know I love that place. Hopefully one day our paths will cross again.
I met Masirib Elliott last week and was invitied to come to class to work out. I just couldn't swing it. I had to work both times and the night
My convictions are starting to cause some more personal grief. I try to be strong, but it's hard. It may just be fear or over-thinking (again), but I know I'm right. I just happen to fly in the face of convention. Another reason that I know I am right.

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  1. Anonymous15/2/06 15:28

    Dude, Check out IdleAir. The got a huge grant to expand their business. The will need installers I'm sure. Pluss if you have any design experience, that will come in handy there too. Keep your chin up, Man. Swain