Sunday, February 19, 2006


I went to a goth joint at the electric ballroom tonight and ended upiknowing a bunch of people. I ran into Mel again. Nice to see her. Marie took me and I didn't really want to go at first, but had a good time. After the boiler room and the underground I didn't think I would like a club scene again. Marie disappeared a lot and bounced around. We still managed to bump into each other occasionally.
Some guy had a pair of Shinai out in the parking lot. We had a 4 minute tap session. It was fun and light. We played on his court (bushido, kendo etc.) I still rock there too. Next time I bring him into my world. hehehehehe. No points, only pain teaches us what is a good hit and what is not. The way of the blade is universal. The way of pain is too. The small audience wants me to come to the SCA may meeting, but I won't fight. Armor is for pussies. Ya heard me Doggie boys. ruff ruff. Beware of eskrima wombats in your midst.

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  1. Well apparently Marie had wayyyyyy too much to drink. She was very funny last night. I would have noticed if I too hadn't have passed out.