Sunday, March 26, 2006


It was Fetish night @ Temple last night. I told everyone that I would come, and even my sister D was there. It was my first fetish show. Some of the stuff was funny. Some wasn't on the meter. I'm glad I never got into all of that. A little pop on the ass every now and then is fine.
2 people got way too drunk. The first was M. She was tipsy when she went out to the car with Mo, myself & others. 10 minutes later she was crying and having a fit. She says it was a bad reaction. The second was a girl named Melissa that got way too drunk. We ended up calling an ambulance for her.
Some cool shit happened too: I was fed some french fries by my favorite lesbian couple S&A. Both are cute as hell. Mo was cool. I got into a good argument with D about some planned parenthood literature that I'm giving to Blaine. She needed it 13 years ago. We ate at the IHOP afterwards. Vive La French Toast!
I probably won't go to Fetish night again. And I may slack on going to temple all together anyway. Too much drama. Some of the people that I hang out with at 11th street are a little less drama motivated, so I can see them there. :)

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