Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Plane Down

Jamie got a call today that one of our friends had to down his plane @ Dean Hill. The pilot and plane are okay. He just needed a lift. He landed his plane in a field near the new sub-division @ Dean Hill. This guy's a hoot.
He's just now recovering from a 35ft. fall off of a ladder that resulted in a shattered hip and swollen balls. He's always got something going on.

Signing out,


  1. Anonymous31/3/06 08:15

    Hey guy, I just wanted to correct your dylexic typo. He fell 53' feet.The Guy from Osha said that he had never seen any live over 40'.Leave it to Barry to set a new record.

  2. Anonymous31/3/06 08:44

    Yeah ,Yeah I see the irony in fixing a typo with one.
    Fancy calling it dyslexia, a word no one can spell!

    I played the wrong
    wrong notes.