Saturday, March 04, 2006


Well, I went to see John Prine with KC last night. What a concert. Vocals were a little muddy, but overall it was one of the best concerts that I've seen at the Tennessee. Maybe it was also the company.
My favorite quote last night from the middle of a prine song: "Just when you think you have the man off of your back, that Asshole from Texas starts a war in Iraq!" Freakin sweet!
After the show I brought KC down to 11th st. to see who was here and grab a coffee (it was cold outside!). We found a few books here. one in particular was the little red book of Chairman LBJ. The quotes sound like they came out of assholes mouth. Texans must be warmongers. Then we went to IHOP for some delicious Vive La French Toast. Tres Good

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