Monday, March 20, 2006


The gist:
I left Friday afternoon about 2 (later than I liked) I made it to camp near the O&W (Oneida and Western) bridge. I had just enough time to set up camp, walk around and grab some firewood before it got dark. I had some dinner and sat around the fire for a few hours. it was nice but got very cold very quickly. Driving in I had a t-shirt and open windows in the car. By the time that I made it to camp I had on my hoodie. An hour later I also had on my down coat. Brrr.
That night it made it down to 17 in the gorge and I have no idea what the windchill factor was. I almost climbed out of the tent around 2 to cut down some brush to lay on the east side of my tent. Brrr. I must have woken up 10 times that night in my Kelty +20 sleeping bag.
The next day was awesome. I hiked and managed to stay off trail the whole time. I followed the river and did some minor rock climbing. Hung out at camp and then went for some more sight-seeing. Dinner, fire etc.
The next morning I hiked out and headed home. On the way out I saw some beautiful white-tail deer. They were only 20 feet away and I stood still for a few minutes watching. It's a wonder that people kill them for sport. Stupid people. Sad.

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