Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Update

what a weekend.
Friday night was most awesome. Saturday ended up being just as cool. I woke up late and crawled out of bed. I made my way down to 11th St. Cafe for my dose of caffeine and the parking lot was very crowded. The "Friends of the Public Library" were having a sell at the Candy Factory. I called KC and invited her down to go shopping with me. In truth I had been looking for a reason to see her again. Friday night was so good and we ended it too quickly. I had so much more to talk about:) It worked. She came down and we shopped.We ended with some nice chocolate and a few good books. mmmmm
I had to go home for my shower before the Knoxville Beach Bums showed up at my house. We get together once a month for dinner and cards. It was Krystian's turn to cook. Man, he cooked. He made a tomato bisque, stuffed cabbage with sausage and crepes for desert. He's going to culinary school in Sevierville. Food was awesome. After dinner we went for a ride around the 50 acre farm on 4 wheelers. He made sure to take Bradley and I on a hell ride with jumps and power slides. Damn him. I should kick his ass, and I would if I didn't end up enjoying the hell out of it.
We got home around 11 or so and I headed off to Temple at the Electric Ballroom. That was kinetic to say the least. Marie was drunker than a skunk and very friendly with anyone who walked by. I can say anything now, cause she doesn't remember half of it. She also had some triangle issues, but we can get into that later. I mainly stayed around Mo when she wasn't dancing or deep in convo with one of the many drama queens that orbit her for guidance. The 3rd of the females to orbit me for the evening of festivities was "Shadow". She was very grabby and a little drunk too. Me no likey grabby aggressive women. I hid.
Mo and I ended up at IHOP and Marie was already there with Richard, but she wasn't very social or awake. I made it home by 6 and fell into the arms of Morpheus.
Sweet Dreams.

Signing out,

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