Monday, April 17, 2006

Home Safe

We came home safe last night around 1A.M. The trip went well in some respects and terrible in others. All in all mixed blessings as they say.
I had to stay in town Thursday night and wait for our newest member, Sean Golden. He arrived in town and to my house around 2 A.M. The rest of the crew were already at Bradley's house in Kingston getting ready for our departure at 5 A.M. This of course gave us plenty of sleep. At four Sean and I headed out for Kingston to meet up with Bradley, Holly, Candi and Krystian. We loaded up the van and truck and left.
The trip out was uneventful until after Nashville. During a pit-stop, the truck decided it had gone far enough. We were stuck. Tempers flared, baseball was played and tow-trucks were waited for. Bradley and I stayed with the truck and the rest of the crew went to Camden, TN, which is were the closest GM dealership was. The tow truck arrived after about 45 minutes and off we were to catch up. We waited at the dealership for four hours while they diagnosed and came up with nothing. We had them change out the fuel filter just in case, but still wondered if the fuel pump was the true culprit after all.
On the road again and mucho driving finally delivered us to Dyersburg, TN. We dropped the 140 baskets, several hundred stuffed egg and many stuffed animals to the TEMA/FEMA distribution center.
The next day we went to house that we had found and worked there as a chainsaw/cleanup crew. The family barely escaped with their lives and you can see some pics of their house being demolished. They have to start over again. Hopefully we can help. We might have cut 6-7000 lbs of wood. We left around 5 and headed home. The trip back had two more breakdowns and tired nerves. We were glad to be home. All in all it was a rough weekend, but a good one.

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