Sunday, June 04, 2006


Last night went great we are still working on tallying what we made for the WM3. I want to thank a couple of people/groups. First of L, for getting all this started and introducing a lot of people to the WM3. She did an awesome job of putting this together. Second shout out gos to MotherMO for helping us at the table and hawking the tickets. I also want to thank TattooJay for letting us use Temple as a vehicle to raise awareness and money. Lastly I want to thank Inayan Eskrima, the instructors and students that worked their tails of to make an exciting demo to wow the crowd with. You guys did good up there and the audience ate it up.
Jamie and my sister Dana were the only friends that showed up like they said. Tpphhht to the rest of you slack shouldered sack of nuts;)
I had to get up and MC some stuff last night. I thought I would get nervous speaking to a crowd on a mic. Not too shabby, I might be getting over that after all.

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